Your monthly subscription fee includes maintenance, charging, normal wear and tear and unlimited mileage.  There is no down payment and no payment upon return of the car.  If you pay a Reservation Fee, that fee is applied to your first month or is refunded to you if you change your mind before the car is delivered. 

With BORROW, just pick the category of car, how long you want it for, reserve it and we will have it ready for you in a matter of days. Your BORROW car is yours for the duration of your subscription. 


To join BORROW, you just need a valid driver license (US or International), and a credit card. That is all

BORROW's cars are all electric, pre-owned and handpicked by us, the car experts.  You can choose from our City, Premium or Platinum categories from a Fiat to a Tesla and many makes and models in between.


Your BORROW subscription does not include insurance.  You can subscribe with your own insurance as primary or we can help you get insurance.  

Your BORROW subscription term is flexible.  At the end of your term you can go month-to-month, you can return the car with no penalty, or you can sign up for a new term for the same car or a different car.