Not quite sure where to begin? You're in the right place. We've compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you with your BORROW experience.



  • BORROW is a short term car leasing company in Los Angeles, CA.
  • BORROW is the legal owner of all the vehicles.
  • BORROW provides an easy pick-up location in West Hollywood and we're open 6 days a week.
  • BORROW's vehicles are all pre-owned, fully-electric and require charging station access.
  • BORROW's vehicles may not be used for ridesharing services.
  • BORROW's vehicles must be driven in the United States only.
  • At the end of your BORROW term, you can return the car with no penalty, renew for a 3, 6 or 9 month term for the same car or upgrade to a higher category! We make it easy to BORROW a car.
  • BORROW has kicked the tires and compared every single car on the market so you don’t have to. Our conclusion? Our fleet of electric cars give you the most bang for the buck.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Who is eligible?

Typically, our customers have good driving records and good credit. You also must be 18 years or older. When you make a reservation, we check your driving record. You will probably  not be eligible if you’ve had recent serious violations like a DUI or other reckless driving incidents. 

Do you offer test drives?

Our inventory is quickly allocated to subscribers so we don't have cars available for test drives.  We encourage you to visit your local dealer for a test drive of the make and model of your choice. 

Where are you guys located?

Borrow, a service from Prazo, Inc., is headquartered in West Hollywood.  You can contact us here:  joinborrow.com/contact

what, when do i get charged?

Other than your $25 reservation fee, which is refunded after your first monthly payment, you won’t be charged until you pick up the car.   During your subscription, payments include your flat monthly rate and insurance (if you elect to use one of Borrow’s recommended providers). You will also be charged a $50 cleaning fee after returning the car to Borrow.


How does insurance work?

Your Borrow subscription does not include insurance.  You can subscribe with your own insurance as primary or we can help you get insurance. While Borrow does not provide insurance, you may purchase a subscription that includes insurance  prior to pickup.  Borrow works with a number of insurance brokers and carriers who can provide you with a quote.  


what’s the mileage limit?

Mileage limit is 1,200 per month.  Overages are billed at $0.25 per mile.  We find our customers drive on average 10,000 miles per year. 

where can i charge the car?

There are a few options for charging:
1.  Your subscription  comes with a home charger so you can charge the car at home if you have a household 110 plug.  
2.  You can use any ChargePoint station to charge your car. If your EV has DC fast charging capabilities, you can also use any EVgo station.
3. You can use any public charging station.

can i use my borrow for driving rideshare like uber or lyft?

While the Borrow subscription is personal to you, we do not allow for our cars to be used for commercial purposes. You may not use your car on any ridesharing or peer-to-peer networks.

can i drive the car to, say, mexico?

Nope; no driving to Canada or Mexico.  However, the car can go anywhere in the United States.

i see you’ve added cars to your lineup, can i get a different car?

Sure - at the end of your subscription you can start a new subscription for a different car (or the same car).  


how does maintenance work?

Maintenance is included with your subscription.  Of course, you are responsible for keeping your car in good condition, but you won't need to pay out of pocket for expenses associated with standard servicing. And, if your car breaks down or you get in an accident, we can help you with emergency roadside assistance.

Please note that we require all cars to be returned in the same condition when delivered, plus normal wear and tear. 

where can i get my car washed?

Woohoo, you get one free car wash every month.  Look in your email inbox for your car wash coupons.  

what if something goes wrong with the car?

If the tires are bald, bring it back to us and we'll determine if they need replacing.  If you have a blowout or a flat, that's your responsibility. If your battery is not properly charging, contact us immediately at 323-524-0726.

what’s normal wear and tear?

"Normal wear and tear" is a pretty ambiguous standard. So let's define it instead by what we consider excessive wear and tear:

  • Tears, burns, abrasions or other significant interior damage (i.e. not easily fixed)

  • Broken or cracked glass surfaces; mirrors, markers, head-lamps and tail-lamps

  • Dents, scratches or other exterior abrasions larger than 2 or 3 inches

  • Slashes, scratches or other obvious abrasions to the wheels

  • Tire sidewall damage

Pickup & Return

how do i get my car?

You can pick up your car at Borrow HQ in West Hollywood during normal business hours or by appointment.  

where do i return my car?

At the end of your subscription, you can return your car at Borrow HQ.


how do i update my credit card info?

Changing your card is pretty easy, just call 323-524-0726 ext. 3

what forms of payment do you accept?

Borrow accepts all major credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB and Discover.

what if i don’t have excellent credit?

No worries, you can prepay for your subscription.  

Our mission at BORROW is to not only to provide you easy, flexible and affordable transportation but enhance the rest of your comings and goings as well.

BORROW's version of Fully Loaded means our cars comes with a monthly cornucopia of perks like discounted charging and easy maintenance, free lifestyle treats and a ton of insider access to travel, dining and events and, we'll even throw in the free rideshare every now and then to get you home safely.  Try BORROW.

For more information, call us at 323-524-0726 or email us at info@joinborrow.com