Borrow Launches Automotive Subscription Service in  Southern California with Signature Concierge Services

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA (NOVEMBER 13, 2017) – BORROW (, a flat-fee short term car leasing service formally known as PrazoNow, officially rebrands as BORROW. With its proprietary subscription platform, BORROW enables customers to ‘subscribe’ to three, six, or nine month renewable subscriptions to a pre-owned electric vehicle as well as take advantage of an engaging mix of post-acquisition concierge services, partner deals, perks, treats and discounts available over the lifetime of the subscription. 

BORROW is perfect for consumers relocating for work or school who have short-term transportation needs, those looking for an inexpensive alternative to ride hailing, individuals who don’t want to commit to a traditional and costly three-year automotive lease or even just want to try an electric car before they purchase one. BORROW's lineup of electric vehicles give users an array of models to choose from depending on their specific lifestyle and financial needs.

“It’s time that the idea of subscriptions caught up to the automotive industry and we’re excited to pioneer this new lifestyle-focused experience and the future of mobility’ said BORROW's founder Jon Alain Guzik. ‘The world of transportation is evolving quickly and we’re wholeheartedly accepting that challenge in a way that’s meaningful to consumers and OEMs alike.”
Signing up is simple and with just a few steps on the BORROW website, users can choose to subscribe to a variety of electric vehicles at all different price points -- no stressful dealership visit or large sum of money down necessary. BORROW partners with various institutions to securely handle payments and insurance to create a truly seamless user experience. BORROW looks at mobility as the intersection of convenience, utility and lifestyle.

About BORROW: With a large fleet of vehicles and customers already on the road in Southern California, BORROW’s mobility service simplifies the complexity of automotive acquisition, ownership and maintenance through its premium concierge service. BORROW is first to market with an automotive subscription service based around the electric vehicle and focuses on the gap between leasing, ownership and on-demand and is taking aim at the 17-billion dollar a year leasing market, the 26-billion dollar a year car rental market and the 8-billion dollar a year ride hailing market by offering an attractive alternative: MaaS or Mobility as a Service. BORROW was incubated by Mucker Labs and has seen significant traction with investors and corporate partners and is poised to close a Series-A investment in early 2018. For more info, go to:

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