Platinum Plan


Subscription Prices may vary based on:  subscription term length, payment terms, inventory availability and options.  Your $25 reservation will be applied to your first month’s payment upon delivery or refunded to you if you do not take delivery.  

Tesla Model S


Tesla Model S with an impressive 200 plus miles on a single charge can take you where ever you need to go. It also comes loaded with the latest technology built into the car: WiFi, bluetooth, 17' beautiful touchscreen inside the dashboard, and two trunks! 


  • 4 door, 4 passenger

  • Driving Range up to 200 Miles on a full battery

  • All-Electric Engine

  • Environmentally Friendly - Zero emissions

Subscription Details



Reservation Fee is $25

* When you complete your Reservation, we’ll charge your credit card $25. When you pick up your car, we apply the $25 to your first month's payment. If you change your mind before you pick up the car, we will give you a full refund.


Your car will be ready for pickup in 3 to 5 business days after reservation.



When you pick your Borrow car up you'll receive a swag bag of goodies worth over $200 PLUS we'll send you monthly perks such as access to local events, new product and dining discounts that fit your lifestyle.


Flat Monthly Payment all based on your vehicle plan and the length of term. 


Routine Maintenance and RoadSide Assistance is included in your subscription.



Insurance is NOT included in your subscription fee.

*You can get your own insurance or we can help  get your insurance and bundle it with your monthly payment.