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How to Save Money on Renting a Car

Vacation time equates to travel for most people, unless you’re into stay-cations. Most destinations require that you rent a form of transport to best see the sites. It's definitely a bit strange for us to be giving you tips on renting a car but we get it; sometimes Electric Vehicles just can't give you the range you want, and every so often you just need a quick set of wheels. Take a look at a few tips PrazoNow has compiled to help you save money on rental cars.

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5 Ways to Lower Your Cost of Car Ownership

Let’s be honest, owning a car can get really pricey really quickly; you have to worry about gas, insurance, random car fees and even just general maintenance. Car owners spend thousands of dollars a year(on top of the cost of their vehicle) just to keep their ride on the road. Here at PrazoNow we’ve got your back though; here are five ways to save money while staying in a sexy ride!

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