Nissan and EVgo will partner to install 200 additional 100 kW Chargers in U.S.

Photo: EVgo

Photo: EVgo

By Nicholas Yekikian

You’re familiar with the way EV charging works by now. The faster the current flows from the main power lines and into your car, the faster it charges up. Tesla’s supercharger stations have been supplying currents anywhere from 75kw all the way to 250kw for years now. But the problem with that is you can only use one if you own a Tesla.

Now, however, Nissan and Borrow partner EVgo are working on bringing 200 more 100kw chargers in select markets throughout the United States. The partnership between the two will result in the largest installation of 100kW CHAdeMO quick chargers in the U.S. so far. There was no word on when all the installations are expected to be finished, however.

The two companies have been working together for more than six years now, and this new agreement will extend their partnership even further. Nissan has had a hand in installing more than 2,000 charging stations across the country since 2010.

According to EVgo, more than 100 million Americans live within a 15 minute drive to their nearest EVgo station, and this new installation should make the chargers even more easy to access – not to mention much faster.

The two will also work on pushing consumers toward electric vehicles. In a press release, the company said, “Nissan and EVgo will also join forces in a co-marketing program to help inform and raise awareness among U.S. EV drivers about the advantages of going electric.”

What is Borrow?

Borrow is an electric vehicle subscription company with one goal: to make driving an EV as simple and accessible as possible. It’s the only vehicle subscription service of its kind and is bringing the future of car ownership to its customers today.

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