Small but mighty: The Fiat 500e


How do you make the Fiat 500, one of the most stylish and usable small cars around, even better? You electrify it, of course. And that’s exactly why Borrow has a fleet of Fiat 500e’s ready for you. Our 500e vehicles offer a perfect balance between utility and practicality. 

The 500e is perfect for driving around town. Navigating Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood or any of the beach cities is a cinch for our nimble city car, and with a range of 112 miles, there’s no where in LA you can’t go. From small bags to big boxes, its folding rear seats are guaranteed to make shopping trips a breeze, too.

Not only is the little Fiat practical, it’s also nimble and fun to drive. Instant power from the electric motor means you’re jumping off the line at green lights and leaving typical gas-powered cars in your emissions-free wake.

Efficiency, power and practicality make the Fiat 500e an excellent option for anyone’s transportation needs. Reserve one today!

What is Borrow?

Borrow is an electric vehicle subscription company with one goal: to make driving an EV as simple and accessible as possible. It’s the only vehicle subscription service of its kind and is bringing the future of car ownership to its customers today.

Nicholas YekikianComment