Mercedes has debuted the 250 mile, eight-seat EQV van

Photo: Mercedes

Photo: Mercedes

By Nicholas Yekikian

Mercedes plans on seriously bolstering is electric vehicle lineup over the course of the next few years. They’re already integrating mild-hybrid systems on some of their performance cars (the straight six E43 AMG coupé, to be specific) and the EQC, a fully electric crossover, is already on its way. 

Now, Mercedes is electrifying another segment with the new eight-seat EQV van. Announced earlier this year and promised to be ready for production before the year’s end, the EQV made its official debut this week.

The new EQV isn’t the first electric van in the Mercedes Benz fleet, the new van joins the eSprinter and the eVito in that regard, but it is the first people carrier that will be made available to the masses. 

It will pack a 10inch MBUX infotainment setup with voice commands. There are also a series of driving modes. Eco mode combines navigation data, road traffic sign recognition and information provided by the intelligent safety assistance systems (radar and camera), and adjusts the level of recuperation itself to ensure the maximum in effeciency. 

A 201hp electric motor buried somewhere behind the front bumper powers the front wheels from the 90-kWh battery mounted in the floor. The EQV’s range hasn’t been certified, but Mercedes’ estimate puts it at 253 miles of EV range – 33 more miles of range than the EQC. Oh, and if you really want, the EQV will do 99 mph – that’s it though. 

Using a standard wall outlet and Merc’s Wallbox Home charger or a standard charging station will grant you a full charge in 10 hours. Hook the EQV up to a DC fast charger though, and the time for a flat to 80 percent dives to just 45 minutes. Not bad. Here’s to hoping Mercedes brings the new EQV stateside.

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