June 2019 was a really good month for EV Sales

Photo: Tesla

Photo: Tesla

According to a report by InsideEVs, June 2019 officially ranks as one of the best months for electric vehicle sales ever. It’s now the fourth best month in terms of units sold in US history at 37,818. That’s a sizeable jump compared to last month’s 28,386 and last June’s 25,092. 

As per usual, Tesla accounted for the lion’s share of EV sales in June. In total the EV giant sold 25,700 electric vehicles last month. Model 3 sales represented the vast majority of Tesla’s sold at more than 21,000 units thanks to a jump of almost 8,000 units when compared to May of this year. Tesla sales in June of this year accounted for over two-thirds of all plug-in sales in the United States. 

Tesla also posted a record-setting Q2 this year, topping out at 53,615 cars sold in the United States and 95,200 units sold globally. Looks like that all-out strategy Musk ordered must have worked. 

Another interesting note on the sales numbers from June is that the Chevrolet Bolt has finally outsold the Toyota Prius Prime – 1,659 vs 1,144 – but both are down from previous highs. 

Inside EVs broke down the top five battery electric vehicle manufacturers for the month of June. Here they are:

  1. Tesla* – 25,700

  2. General Motors* – 1,994

  3. BMW Group – 1,744

  4. Nissan – 1,156

  5. Toyota* – 1,144

A full list of EV sales can be found on their site at this link.

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