Continental releases third generation of EV power module, promises more power and fun


By Nicholas Yekikian

Continental, the company most widely known for its tires, just announced the third generation of its electric vehicle power module. What is a power module you might ask? Essentially, a power module in an EV is essentially the housing for a number of key power components in EVs and some hybrid-electric vehicles.

But this third generation of power module from Continental has been designed specifically for EV SUVs. This third generation module delivers six times the performance of the first gen model, but it’s been on the Atkins, and weighs 4 kilograms less than the original model. Weight is always a concern in EVs, so that’s a good thing.

According to Continental, “the power module has to make the full current available in a split second. This component also governs whether it is possible to exploit the full potential of the electric drive. The new electronics module not only supplies current to the electric motor, but also controls energy recovery.”

The new system can also tailor the dynamics of the car to the way each individual is driving. If, as the driver of the EV, you’re not asking for all the performance your EV can offer, this module will be able to sense that and help deliver and smoother and more linear power delivery. Increase your demands on the car and you’ll see a spike in the way the car performs.

Continental says this new module makes driving EVs more fun, and with the automotive world trending in the direction of the electric vehicle, let’s hope they’re right.

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