Electrify America to give Harley Davidson LiveWire owners two years of free charging

Photo: Electrify America

Photo: Electrify America

By Nicholas Yekikian

Volkswagen owned charging network, Electrify America, has partnered with Harley-Davidson to provide owners of their fully electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, with free charging

The deal gives LiveWire owners the per minute equivalent of 500 kilowatt-hours of complimentary charging over the course of two years at Electrify America stations nationwide, just as long as the motorcycle is purchased between August of this year and July 2021. The whole program will be managed through Electrify America’s app, where the owners of the bike will be able to sign up for the free charging.

“With an average of 70 miles between each of our charging stations, we are creating a network that is premium, ubiquitous and powerful, so it makes sense that we would expand that offering to electric motorcycle owners,” said Giovanni Palazzo, president and CEO of Electrify America. “We are excited to work with an iconic brand like Harley-Davidson, as part of a shared commitment to advancing the electric transportation industry.”

Electrify America has reliable, fast-charging stations in 42 states nationwide, and they plan to expand the size of their network to 3,500 chargers across the country by December 2021.

“At Harley-Davidson, we are taking significant steps to lead in the electrification of motorcycling, including supporting the development of global charging infrastructure,” said Luke Mansfield, vice president and chief strategy officer for Harley-Davidson Motor Company. “We look forward to providing our customers with ample opportunities to charge their Livewire motorcycles, including having access to complimentary charging on Electrify America’s growing network.”

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