Borrow Testimonial: Heather Neville

Heather Neville is a software engineer at Verizon and long time Borrow customer.

By Nicholas Yekikian

When Heather Neville moved to California for the second time in January of last year, she didn’t know how long she’d be in town. Lisa Donato, her wife, secured a film production job in Hollywood, and the two needed to make the move from Neville’s hometown of Austin to West Hollywood on short notice.

They moved to LA with one of their cars from Texas, a gas-powered Audi SUV, but because of the fickle nature of work in Hollywood, they needed a short-term option for another vehicle. Neville didn’t like the idea of financing a car or committing to a lease, but she and her wife did want to try an EV. 

“My wife and I have always wanted to figure out if we wanted to own an electric car or not, so I thought [Borrow] would be a great opportunity for us to try it out,” Neville said. “And now we have fallen in love with electric vehicles. Having a car that doesn't run on gasoline does make you feel like you’re driving the future.”

Neville grew up in Texas, a state that is in the bottom half of the country when it comes to EV market share – just 0.78% of all cars driven in Texas are electric vehicles. She said that she used to understand the resistance to it, but after subscribing to a BMW i3 from Borrow for the last 13 months, she said she’s sold on EVs.

“[Borrow] has changed our outlook on what electric vehicles are all about, the ease of maintaining them, and even though range was always a concern, it still satisfied all of our requirements,” Neville said. “Borrow is so convenient, too. It’s a pain in the butt to buy a car … Borrow solved, for us, the uncertainties involved with owning a car and the price was right.”

Neville originally signed up for a nine month term, but says that because the process is so easy and the prices from Borrow make living with an EV so simple, she didn’t hesitate to renew her subscription for another nine months.

She also said that the i3 fits her active lifestyle perfectly. She enjoys going on hikes, exploring Los Angeles and listening to live music with Donato, and that she’s never run out of battery power or been caught out without any way to get home. 

Borrow turned out to be the perfect option for Neville – it gets her everywhere she’s needed to be for the last year, and will continue to make owning a car simple and easy for her in the months to come.

What is Borrow?

Borrow is an electric vehicle subscription company with one goal: to make driving an EV as simple and accessible as possible. It’s the only vehicle subscription service of its kind and is bringing the future of car ownership to its customers today.