Five must have apps for EV owners

(Photo:  Tesla )

(Photo: Tesla)

By Nicholas Yekikian

If you own, lease or subscribe to an electric vehicle with Borrow, there are a number of smartphone applications that can make your life easier by mapping out where you’ll find electric vehicle charging stations to help eliminate range anxiety. Here are some must-have, free apps for EV drivers.

ChargePoint: ChargePoint is a partner with Borrow. Subscribe to an electric vehicle with our service and you’ll receive up to $10 a month in charging credits for its vast network of charging stations. The company has more than 66,000 charging stations across the United States and hundreds of stations in the Los Angeles area. ChargePoint offers a mobile app to make it easy to find any of their stations.

EVgo: Like ChargePoint, EVgo is a partner with Borrow. Subscribe to an EV with us and we will give you a free EVgo subscription. EVgo is the largest public DC fast charging network in the nation, so they help deliver some of the fastest charging out there. EVgo has more than 1,100 fast chargers in 66 markets to try and deliver some of the quickest recharge rates around.

PlugShare: According to Recargo Inc., the company that developed PlugShare, it is “the most accurate and complete charging station map worldwide.” The app tracks over 140,000 charging stations including Tesla SuperCharger, ChargePoint, and GE charge stations. The app finds public charging stations that are compatible with your specific EV, allows you to browse reviews and tips from other EV drivers and plan a route that has charge stations that work with your car during for longer journeys.

ChargeAway: Like PlugShare, ChargeAway is an app that tracks the locations of local charging stations. ChargeAway also has real-time information about which stations are online, which ones fit your vehicle, and what there is to do around them while you wait for your EV to charge up. The app can also estimate how long it will take to reach a full charge and provides weather information for where the charging stations are located.

EVmatch: EVmatch creates a peer-to-peer charging network. Instead of relying on charging stations from bigger companies you can use this app to reserve a spot at a home charger. You can filter your search to make sure the home charger meets your specific needs, too. If you have a spot you’d like to rent out to other EV owners, this app allows you to list your home as a place where others can charge their cars. It allows you to set your hourly fee, manage bookings, and get paid for your station.