Borrow reviewed: Rob Radosta

After buying or leasing cars for more than 30 years, Rob Radosta wanted something different out of the car buying experience when it was time for a new car in December of 2018. He said he’s owned approximately 20 cars since he first earned his license, but not a single one of them had ever been an electric vehicle

For him, owning a car in Los Angeles was too expensive – gas, insurance and the month to month payments of a lease or buy didn’t make sense for him. But after Ubering and getting Lyfts everywhere for a few months, he realized he was paying very nearly the same amount in rideshare charges that he was to own a car. 

Not only that, but Rob’s world at that time didn’t require a big car with a lot of range. Where he worked, where he shopped and what he did for fun were all just 10 miles from his home, so he never needed to go very far. Radosta lives in a place where buying a car doesn’t make sense, and getting a ride everywhere costs too much.

“I just thought to myself there’s gotta be a better way than buying, leasing or renting – all those long term commitments,” Radosta said.

After a short Google search, he stumbled onto Borrow’s website. Radosta was relieved because, in his mind, he had finally found the solution he was looking for. His first car with Borrow was an all-electric Smart ForTwo, and he signed on for a 9 month term right away. But after the Smart was deemed defective, he upgraded to the Fiat 500e and he said he’s been loving it.

“Initially my plan was to upgrade after every term, all the way up to Tesla, but because I like the Fiat so much I’ll keep it for a little while longer and eventually go for the Model S, I think,” Radosta said. 

He said that Borrow marries the two virtues of owning the car he was looking for that no other solution provided – he wanted an option that was inexpensive and without commitment, but he didn’t want to rely on rideshare services either. 

Borrow has proven to be the best option for Rob’s lifestyle, and he’s said living in L.A. has made life with an EV extremely easy for him. As far as Radosta is concerned, range anxiety is already a thing of the past because of how ubiquitous charging stations are in town. Rob is subscribed to both of Borrow’s EV charging partners – ChargePoint and EVgo – and said he appreciates the fact that Borrow helped set him up with the charging companies. 

What is Borrow?
Borrow is an electric vehicle subscription company with one goal: to make driving an EV as simple and accessible as possible. It’s the only vehicle subscription service of its kind and is bringing the future of car ownership to its customers today.