Ford Territory BEV launches in China

Ford Territory

By Nicholas Yekikian

Ford recently launched a battery electric vehicle version of their Territory crossover in China. It is the first full BEV crossover (or SUV) that the blue oval has launched in a country that is quickly becoming one of its largest markets.

The territory BEV is part of the company’s ambitious plan to launch more than 30 new cars in China over the next three years to help “better serve customers.” Of the 30 new Fords and Lincolns that are slated for China, 10 of them will be full battery electric vehicles.

The new Territory BEV has a range of 360 kilometers on the New European Driving Cycle, and is the first midsize BEVs SUV jointly developed by Ford and Jiangling Motors Corporation – its joint-venture partner in China.

The Territory marks the first product launch in what Ford is calling “Ford China 2.0.” The all-new Chinese sales model is likely in response to just how quickly the market for BEVs has grown in China over the last three years.

According to Ford, “industry sales data shows that BEVs have maintained an annual growth rate of more than 50 percent consecutively over the past three years.” In China, BEVs made up 3% of total vehicle sales in 2018. Not only that, but just like Americans, Chinese customers are starting to ditch passenger cars in favor of bigger, more capable – and in China’s case, more luxurious – SUVs and crossovers.

The new Territory BEV is slightly luxed-up from the normal Territory and includes unique touches like carbon fiber blades on the wheels to help reduce air resistance and help give it a more premium feel. It also gets a whole host of safety features like front collision warning  and traffic sign recognition, to name a few. The Territory will go on sale by the end of this year.

Why Ford didn't launch its all-electric crossover in America first – given the way its positioned itself as firmly committed to SUVs in the States – is a mystery. But Ford does have plans to launch a “Mustang inspired” SUV in the US by the end of this year, so stay tuned for that.

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