Average EV User Saves $400 In Gas!

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Borrow’s Users

Driving in LA isn’t easy (to say the least). Beyond just the stop and go traffic, gas costs can often make owning a car more a hassle than a convenience. Luckily, Borrow users get to avoid many of the little inconveniences that can drive you crazy when you’re behind the wheel.

When it comes to refueling, people who have subscribed to one of Borrow’s EV’s have saved, on average, over $400 on gas cost (and are saving the environment while their at it). Beyond just getting a deal at the pump, owning an EV can even help you find a silver lining in traffic as your car regenerates energy every time you break. Speaking of traffic, not even LA’s crowded streets have stopped our users from racking up thousands of miles on their EV’s, with our average user driving almost 4000 miles.

After all of the gas saved, greenhouse emissions reduced, and miles driven, Borrow users simply return their car to our headquarters in West Hollywood. Environmentally friendly, convenient, and economical? You can’t normally say that about driving in LA.

Justin KimComment