CA Gas Prices Set To Rise To $4/Gal - With Borrow’s EV You Pay $0


With summer time just around the corner, everybody is going to want to be on the go, whether it be to the beaches to cool down or just to get out for the weekend. With the increase in demand, gasoline prices have been creeping up and it’s starting to take a toll for many drivers.

At Borrow, we’re all about saving money. Here are some tips and tricks we have found to be helpful to save as much money as you can on gas.

  • According to a popular company Gas Buddy, the best day to fuel up would be on a Monday. As the week goes on towards the weekend, the gas prices have a tendency to rise. The weekends are the worst time to gas up.

  • A recommendation by AAA is for drivers to slow down. Just five miles an hour slower can save you a couple of more cents per gallon. Unloading some items from your vehicle would also increase fuel efficiency.

  • The best way to eliminate the cost of gas is to switch to an electric vehicle. Here at Borrow, we can provide an alternative solution to your vehicle needs by lending you a vehicle for 3, 6 or 9 months. Why pay $50 per week on gas when you can be paying $0!

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