Comparing Cost Of Borrow vs The Competition


Check out our Fiat 500E or BMW i3

With so many different options for short-term transportation available on the market, we get it if you’re a bit overwhelmed. That’s why we took the time to compare costs across the board so you don’t have to. Our conclusion: Borrow’s electric car subscription model is not only flexible and convenient, but also affordable. Let’s take a look at the numbers . . .

Subscribing to a Fiat EV for 3 months is only $1500 with no down payment. That same Fiat at a competitor would cost you over $110 more and have hefty downpayment. Looking at Enterprise’s economy option, the price jumps to over $160 more than Borrow’s subscription and, once again, comes with a big down payment.

The pricing story is not only true for our Fiats, our users also get a competitive deal when subscribing to our BMW i3’s, Nissan Leaf’s, and even our Tesla’s. We make absolutely sure that every offering in our electric vehicle fleet is one of the best deals in town by always pricing them competitively. So, the only question left to answer is, why buy when you can Borrow?  

Check out our Fiat 500E or BMW i3

Justin KimComment