Safe Summer Driving Tips


With summer in full swing, drivers are gearing up for road trips to the beach, the mountains, amusement parks – you name it. These long drives can be a test of your driving abilities and your car. To ensure a safe and enjoyable ride, here are some summer driving tips from Borrow.

Plan accordingly    

Summer is the prime time for road trips, which require a decent amount of planning. If you’re headed on a longer trip, especially in an electric vehicle, it’s imperative that you plan ahead according to your vehicle’s charging needs. Apps like ChargePoint or PlugShare can help you locate over 50,000 charging stations across the country and tailor your route according to your batteries needs.

Avoid the target

On those long drives, it can be easy to become fixated on the bumper in front of you. However if you’re slamming on the breaks while staring down that bumper, put simply, you’re going to hit the bumper. Instead, if you focus on the escape lane, you have a much better chance of getting there; look where you want to go.

Avoid distractions

One of the better parts of summer driving is traveling with company – from family, friends, and even pets. But if you’re giving the cheeseburger in your hand more attention than the road and traffic in front of you, it’s a recipe for disaster. Snacking in the car, passenger conversations, and car karaoke sessions can be huge distractions. So, even while you’re enjoying your time behind the wheel, don’t forget to devote your attention to the road to better ensure the safety of yourself and the passengers at your side.

Know your car

Summer driving may force you to fix a tire or check the engine under the hood. Whatever it be, know your car. Understand what sort of maintenance and attention your car may need, should issues arise due to extensive summer driving. For electric vehicles, understand your battery life and how to preserve its range via being easy on the accelerator and coasting when possible.

Anticipate anything and everything

Try to see things before you get to them. In any performance-driving situation, it helps if you keep your eyes up and look further down the road than you are probably used to – it keeps you from being surprised. In racing, anticipation is everything and the same is applicable to everyday driving.

Don’t be stressed

Driving can be stressful and obviously, dangerous. But it’s important to always stay calm because when you’re calm, you make smarter decisions. Allowing yourself to be stressed forces your natural instincts to kick in, causing sporadic decisions which can lead to mistakes. Long summer drives can be a good opportunity to go from purely natural instinct to the proper techniques all drivers should follow.


With these tips in mind, use your vehicle to take advantage of the nice weather and any free time you have to get away with friends and family.

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