Best Apps for Driving


Our smartphones have made so many thing in life easier and more accessible, and that includes driving as well. Many of our mobile devices come with built-in navigation systems, along with app stores chalk-full of various downloadable applications geared specifically towards making our driving experiences even more effortless. Borrow has highlighted several of the most useful apps that may help readers get around just a little easier.


For our electric car users, finding public charging stations can be a hassle without the proper help. ChargePoint (which is free to download), is not only an app to help users find charging stations but also a forum for EV drivers to trade tips and share experiences. ChargePoint has charted charging stations around the world, so whether you’re driving through California or the German countryside, you can rely on ChargePoint to help you find that station.


While phone navigation systems are great for helping drivers get around shorter distances, Roadtrippers are for those planning extended drives. It include features that will help find gas stations, the best places to eat on the road as well as interesting places to stop along the way. It’s the full package in terms of everything people are usually scrambling to search for and find on those longer trips.

Repair Pal

Finding a good auto mechanic is almost as hard as finding the right car to buy. But with Repair Pal, your go-to place for car-related recommendations, finding the right fix is right at your fingertips. In addition to Yelp-like reviews left by other owners, Repair Pal does all the hard work of comparing prices and rates for you, so you can know you’re getting the best deal and the best service without having to make any calls. For those who are savvy enough to get working on their car on their own, this nifty Android app provides useful step-by-step instructions with accompanying pictures for simpler car maintenance issues. Skip the waiting and the price tag with DIY Car Maintenance and learn how to do basic repairs like changing your own tire.


What’s worse than arriving to an event right on time but then being late because you couldn’t find parking? SpotHero was designed to help search and compare parking rates wherever you are. It can also help you plan ahead. Just punch in your destination and estimated time of arrival and SpotHero will tell you how busy the area usually gets and where to find affordable and accessible parking.


While its name suggests that it just tracks mileage per gallon, Fuelly actually does much more. It keeps track of your expenses but also helps keep tabs on your car’s overall health and performance. It also creates easy to read charts and graphs comparing your car needs to that of others to let you know what you can do to help improve your car’s performance.

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