Benefits of Owning an EV


If you’re considering purchasing an electric vehicle, this means you’re about to potentially make an environmentally progressive decision. In addition to reducing emissions and helping the environment, owning an electric vehicle also provides many other benefits to the buyer. To help you make your decision, here are some of the “pros” that are tied to owning an electric vehicle.


Electric cars tend to take the form of smaller vehicles like Sedans and Hatchbacks. What these smaller cars lack in space, they often make up in user-friendliness; parking and driving on the road with compact electric vehicles can be easy enough for even new drivers to manage. Their size foster a fun and more flexible driving experience, especially for those living a more urban lifestyle.

No more gas

Regardless of model, electric cars function independent from today’s fluctuating fuel prices. By going electric, you can charge your car at home or use one of the 48,000 charging stations that exist all over the country. As electric cars have become more popular, malls and other facilities that provide parking have started installing charging station in their parking lots. No more trips to the gas station!


The demand for even smaller and more cost-efficient cars has lead to the development of various subcompact electric vehicles that are sold at a great price. In recent years, cars such as the Smart Fortwo, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, and Fiat 500e, among others, have hopped into the market. Smaller cars also have an even smaller and more affordable price tag, usually running around $20,000 dollars. Electric vehicles include the modern luxuries that were once exclusive to only SUVs and larger vehicles. Purchasing an electric vehicle enables access to this technology at a cheaper, more affordable price.

Driver perks

Driving an electric vehicle could actually make you money! Rebates at both the federal and state level (up to $7,500) exist to incentivize the purchase of cleaner vehicles. In addition to rebates, electric vehicle owners in California have access to a host of perks, including being able to drive on the carpool lane, even when driving alone, as well as free parking and charging (at participating locations) and discounts on insurance.


In addition to cutting down on money spent on gas, going electric will also help you save on the maintenance fees you’re used to paying. Electric vehicles cut all ties with oil, meaning that your engine no longer needs it. This means no more oil checks or the other various maintenance your old non electric engine might’ve required. Additionally, the breaks on electric vehicles stand the test of time better than other vehicles, saving you yet another bill down the road.

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