4 Fun Things to do in Malibu

Figuring out what’s worth exploring in Malibu can be quite the hassle, however Borrow can give you the perfect tips to make your trip entertaining and exciting! We’ll ensure that your trip is filled with amazing excursions and delicious food, making your trip to Malibu one to remember.



Throughout Malibu you’ll find an abundance of renowned restaurants including Duke’s, Nobu, and Malibu Seafood. Enjoy incredible calamari, steak, salads, fish, and more at Duke’s Barefoot Bar and Grill. Malibu Seafood offers the finest, freshest shellfish in all of Malibu. Its high-quality food and great customer service keep its reputation high and its business booming. There is always new places to go and savory food to try, so drive down the Pacific Coast in your PrazoNow car and enjoy your visit! 


Along with the amazing eateries Malibu has to offer come several great surf spots including the noteworthy County Line. People travel from all over the world to enjoy its incredible waves and fantastic boogie boarding. Malibu’s beaches offer some of the best surfing in the world, making it a popular tourist spot and a common stop for locals. Check out County Line while in Los Angeles, it’s definitely worth the drive! 


There are multiple eminent hiking spots in Malibu including Point Mugu and Leo Carrillo State Park. Point Mugu offers thirty miles of nonstop beauty as you hike throughout the city of Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains, and  Leo Carrillo offers 1.5 miles of beachside land for nature walks and hiking. Leo Carrillo is a popular tourist destination, offering hiking, swimming, surfing, camping, and fishing. Relish the amazing bonfires and family bonding time you will get from spending some quality time in Leo Carrillo.


Driving to the beautiful Escondido Falls located in the Santa Monica Mountains is an incredible use of time while in Malibu. The stunning 150 foot tall waterfall is within a short-driving distance from anywhere within the city. The city of Malibu also offers tidepools and coastal caves to explore. You can also fancy yourself with a trip to Malibu Wines, a beautiful oasis for an amazing date night. The atmosphere at the winery is fantastic, offering live music and incredible wine all while being situated along the gorgeous Pacific Coast line. This unique beach town is home to the Getty Villa and a spectacular pier overlooking the clear blue waters. You can even visit several surf shops that offer surfboard, paddleboard, and kayak rentals. Taking a kayak out to the reefs and fishing is a wonderful and relaxing way to spend an afternoon in the city. The city of Malibu has wealth of entertaining endeavors. Whether it’s surfing, hiking, swimming, or paddle boarding, there is never a shortage of things to do while exploring the town! 

Jon Alain GuzikComment