5 Dessert Places in Los Angeles You Must Visit this Summer

Los Angeles can sometimes be a drag to navigate with its traffic and infamous sweltering summers but Borrow is here to help with that! We’ll make sure you survive this summer with the perfect cold treats to keep you satisfied.

1. Salt and Straw
Originating in Portland, Oregon, this artisanal ice creamery is perfect for those hot LA summer days. Unlike most shops, this store has a variety of inventive flavors from its savory Black Olive Brittle and Goat Cheese to a sweet Roasted Strawberry and White Chocolate Ice Cream! On top of that, Salt and Straw offers new monthly flavors so there is always something new to try! Made from locally grown ingredients, this ice cream can be found in Larchmont Village and Venice.



2. Diddy Reise
Known for its classic 2 dollar ice cream sandwiches, Diddy Riese is an LA favorite. The store not only offers other desserts like sundaes and shaved ice but also freshly baked cookies and brownies for those with a huge sweet tooth. The Westwood shop is perfect for late night cravings and though you can almost always expect a line, it is definitely worth the wait!


3. Sul & Beans
Found at the heart of Koreatown, Sul & Beans offers a different, healthier type of dessert: the bingsu. Made from shaved ice and topped with fruits, sweet red beans, and more, the Korean dessert is perfect to share with friends. The store’s menu also includes healthy homemade drinks and sweet rice cake toast for those who want to try something different!


4. Somi Somi
A new Koreatown favorite, this soft serve shop offers the dessert with a new twist. Choose from matcha, black sesame, ube, or milk ice cream (or a combination of two) and get it served in a fish-shaped taiyaki cone filled with red bean, custard, or nutella. Top it off with a strawberry, macaron, crumbs, cereal, or sprinkles for a cold Instagram-worthy dessert perfect for the summer! 


5. Mikawaya
While you’re strolling through Little Tokyo, make sure to stop by Mikawaya located in the Japanese Village Plaza for mochi. This traditional Japanese treat is made of sweet glutinous rice and filled with flavored ice cream for the perfect snack. Mikawaya offers even more flavors than those offered in the market so you’ll never be bored! Try some of the ice cream in a cone or choose an array to take home for later!