Live the Borrow Life

Picture yourself seated in a mid-city dealership. A well-meaning representative is facing you, extravagantly upright on the other side of a busily curated desk. You watch cars headed in both directions zip through the soft, hazy, unrelenting Los Angeles sun. Myriad hidden costs pile up in paperwork. Not to mention that hour one is steadily becoming hour two and your Saturday is slipping away.

While your representative goes to check a few numbers with some ill-defined higher-up, you check your phone and book movie tickets for an hour later than you’d planned, then a send a related, apologetic text. You sigh and calculate the time remaining, plus the time you’ll spend stuck in inexplicable, mile-long jams on the 110 just to get home. You steel your reserves to the seemingly endless hassle of car possession; you’re pretty sure the freedom is worth it.

But what if you weren’t sitting in a dealership? What if schlepping 45 minutes just to plow three miles into the sprawl’s plodding heart wasn’t a necessary undertaking in order to take control of your mobility? Instead, let’s say you’re stretching under a shady overhang, taking in a slow, warm California morning, sipping something invigorating and planning your day. Confident -- if you had to consider it that is -- that you’d be hard-pressed to describe the inner workings of a car lot, or even the least bad route to the nearest one.

Next, imagine yourself venturing up the Pacific coast. Pulling off the highway somewhere in-between obvious populations. You’re not thinking about the dust building up on your vehicle or an upcoming oil change; you’re not thinking about the limitations of tank capacity or suffering from the nagging suspicion that the camping gear you borrowed may have seen better days. And, if any concerns do begin to dampen your day, you know the answer is always, literally, at hand.

At PrazoNow we consider ourselves your collective car concierge; your accomplice in the future of car ownership. That is, we want to introduce the ease and service you’d expect from a luxury hotel desk or, well, an app, to your driven experience.

When you subscribe to PrazoNow, you’re taking control of an asset, not taking on a burden. We’ve done away with the expected drawbacks: The trips back to the dealership, the hours spent waiting for an oil change, the stress over a vague mechanical issue you’re fairly sure no one quite grasps the severity of… Plus we’ve packaged that peace of mind with a steady stream of discounted swag and straight up free stuff.

With PrazoNow, you’ll get used to the perks of great gear, advice on the city’s best spots and the ease of immediate help with unseen vehicular issues…it’s still a car after all. Basically, we’re here to enhance your lifestyle, while taking care of the concerns that can derail your plans. What good is planning an adventure if the journey there threatens to prevent it?

“Disruption” gets thrown around a lot these days, but we like to think true disruption happens when hassle gives way to service and that service can be taken for granted. So wherever your road must go, stop dreading the dealership and harness the power and freedom of PrazoNow. All you need to remember is to let us worry about the rest.