7 Green Hacks for the Modern World

Without the right view, Los Angeles can seem anything but green. That, however, is exactly why you, the proud Angeleno need to step up to the challenge of sustainable living.

You're already taking one important step by transforming your transportation with Prazo, but we've collected a few more hints to stay sustainable when you're not behind the wheel.

1) Repurposed Bottles and Cans

Straight to the recycling bin? Maybe. But do you find yourself filling up new bottles and store-provided tupperware, rather than buying in bulk and transferring at home? Simply stick to the odd used wine bottle, or glass jar. The latter isn't just for hippies and hipsters anymore...you'll reap the storage, sustainable and aesthetic rewards!

2) Grow Your Own

Have a window ledge or a little light-soaked space? High time you picked up some seeds, repurposed a cool container and got to growing your favorite herb and veggies!

3) Cleaning Products From the Cupboard

Vinegar: That's right, Vinegar! Want a sparkling result without resorting to something chemical-heavy? Give your dishes a vinegar dip.

Baking Soda: Okay, don't mix this with the vinegar, but baking soda is another exceptional aid for scrubbing away stains. You can even brush your teeth with it...if you want...

4) Bar Soap Wrappers Resplendent

If you don't buy bar soap, it's probably time to start. Not only does it make for a solid, lasting answer to germ control, it's also aromatic! And not just for your palms and digits. Unwrap bar soap immediately and stick the wrapper in with your clothes for a clean scent. Unwrapped soap also hardens, which lets it last longer.

5) Razors To Last

Maybe you've already made the leap to one of those monthly shave options and you're riding high, unburdened from your years of shaving with dull, dangerous blades. Maybe you're still breaking the bank to shape your natural facial raiment. Maybe you've gone electric... If you're still not plugging in for a smooth face, use a denim jacket or jeans to keep your razors sharp! And add to your ohsoauthentic distressed look...

6) Binder Clips Fix All

From propping up footless keyboards to creating DIY workflow charts that don't require the questionable longterm efficacy of sticky notes, old binder clips can keep your cash from going towards needless expenses like buying brand new and consequently chucking your old but still usable office items.

7) Roll Up Your Gadgetry

Have you heard the one about how everybody poops? Well, be that as it may, but not everyone (bidet users excepted) utilizes toilet paper rolls like they oughta! They're great storage for your little gadgets and cordage.