5 Reasons Not to Buy A Car

You know the story: a new car starts bleeding value the moment it comes off the lot. It’s a short story, but it’s not something we at PrazoNow think you should even spend a second worrying about. Ultimately, a car is a tool. You need to get somewhere; you don’t need to be dragged down and delayed with the ramifications of that trip, short or long term. Luckily, there’s always the leasing life, which boasts a multitude of benefits, the following are just a few:

1)    Corral Your Cost

Whether your concern is immediate depreciation, maintenance responsibilities or the pain of working through the boondoggle of paperwork known as financing, leasing provides cost-effective freedom from the tribulations of the sunk-cost endeavor that is “outright” car ownership. Leasing allows you to not only pay less, but also eliminate certain costs, like upkeep, altogether.

2)    Buy into a lifestyle boost, not a mythos

The allure of car ownership is largely the allure of an archetype. Car owners grip the world under their tires…you, the self-made, the owner, bastion of autonomy! But once you squeeze yourself into the car owner’s quagmire of hidden costs and intrinsic concerns, you’ll find there isn’t much freedom of movement at all. When you lease, you’re securing an ability to choose, rather than affixing an anchor to your driveway.

3)    Tax Time!

Maybe you need a car for work and buying seems like the more reasonable option, after all, you can write those payments off. Well, you guessed it: the entrepreneurial lessee not only has the ability to write off the expense, she can write it off for nearly six times the amount in some cases.

4)    A Streamlined Experience

To buy a car, as we’ve covered above, is to be saddled with an intricate web of financial obligations manifested as one big sunk cost. It’s a one-time transaction, not the start of a productive relationship. Typically, manufacturers offer competitive, fast and straightforward leasing packages to entice new customers to become repeat customers. Take advantage of that lust for loyalty!

5)    Upgrade With Ease (Or Don’t)

Once you’re done with a lease, you can be done with that car. Maybe the new model is doing what new models do: sparkling invitingly, seemingly packed with utterly necessary new features… Now imagine having to rely on the aforementioned, grossly depreciated anchor you’ve rolled in on to fund that glittering dream. If you’ve ever tried to trade in and upgrade a vehicle, you know the struggle. And, if not, congratulations, never trouble yourself with the ultimately disappointing worth of your car and live an illuminated life, lease in hand.