4 Reasons Plug-In Electrics Are Awesome

We love plug-in electric cars and you should too! In fact, as someone viewing this page, you probably already do. But, whether you’re seeking validation, or actually need a healthy dose of convincing, here are some of our favorite aspects of the electric lifestyle.

1)    A smooth, quiet experience

Before you even set foot to pedal, you’re fully immersed. Push-button start? How did we possibly start cars before this? And, once you’re actually on the road, the direct-to-wheels power delivery provides the type of smooth, thrilling ride you can only imagine until you’ve experienced.

2)    Acceleration

Once you’ve given yourself over to the thrills of hitting the highway, living the dream and such, you’ll also notice the improved acceleration. Any decent California driver knows the importance of lane hopping, and electric vehicles boast the instantaneous torque to maximize your darting ability.

3)    Costs? What costs?

Well, okay, some costs. But thanks to the increasing accessibility to home and workplace recharging given the cheap, ubiquitous nature of electricity, the cost of operation is often a third, and sometimes even a quarter, of what you’d pay per mile for just gasoline. And, when you do visit the pump, your visit will be quicker and cheaper.

4)    Eco = awesome

Earth wasn’t saved in a drive, but the spread of electric vehicles helps cut the smog and cleanse the air. And, as demonstrated above, they’re more fun anyway… Fun and planetary improvement form an unassailable duo. It’s as simple as that.