How to Save Money on Roadside Assistance

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Roadside assistance may feel like an unnecessary costs, especially if you haven’t had to use it in a while. While you may think you can skimp on coverage to save a couple extra dollars every year, when you’re in a situation where you need help, excellent coverage is something you’re going to wish you had. It is important to understand how much coverage is needed and how to save on roadside assistance before you’re in a situation that could jeopardize your safety, wishing you had more help. Gone are the days when AAA was your only option, as many new competitors have emerged to offer better deals and more comprehensive services. Borrow is here to help will help you dig for deals that could save you a chunk of change every year.

Most people choose to get roadside assistance through their Insurance company, which makes sense considering you can often receive great rates this way. For example, Geico offers emergency road service for as little as $14 annually, well worth it for the piece of mind that it brings. You can also benefit from discounted parts and labor to repair whatever may be causing the emergency (a flat tire, for example). Doing a bit of due diligence here will truly pay off, as you can see how well your current insurer is stacking up against the competition. There is an issue that arises here, as often times, while they seem to be doing you a favor, they are actually taking note of how frequently and how severe the issues you’re having are, and often times these can be built into the rate you’re paying. State Farm, among others, has been known to take into consideration your use of roadside programs, charging higher prices for drivers that are more prone to incidents. All this is to say that roadside assistance should be used whenever you’re in an emergency, but using it sparingly can help save a bit of money in the long term.

As technology continues to advance and the adoption rate of smartphones climbing year after year, one less recalled form of roadside assistance comes from cell phone providers. Aside from needing a phone to call insurance or a tow truck, you can actually go through most cell phone providers to call for help in a pinch. Many cell phone carriers provide attractive rates on roadside help. Ask your provider about more information on adding an emergency plan to your current program.

Another less known way to obtain roadside assistance coverage is through membership programs, you may already have access to one without realizing it. Many membership programs like Costco, Sam’s Club, American Express, and several other corporations offer these services at a discounted rate for being their loyal customer, some offer the service altogether for free. Costco, for example, offers free roadside assistance for their Executive membership tier, while Sam’s Club membership includes free towing, dead battery charging, and flat tire changes. It’s worth looking into if you are part of a membership program, as you may be paying for roadside assistance through another carrier when you have access to it for free.

As with anything, researching the plans carefully is going to be beneficial in the short and long term, as some may save you more on the actual coverage but charge you more once you need to use it, while others will leave massive gaps that end up costing you more than you anticipated. Some plans will only give you 5 miles of free tow, while others will allow you to tow all the way up to 100 miles for the same price. Others might only be able to jump your battery but not change it, only putting a band aid on the problem. Always check premiums for family discounts, as if you’re insuring multiple drivers there can often be discounts for such coverage.

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