How to Save Money on Renting a Car

Vacation time equates to travel for most people, unless you’re into stay-cations. Most destinations require that you rent a form of transport to best see the sites. It's definitely a bit strange for us to be giving you tips on renting a car but we get it; sometimes Electric Vehicles just can't give you the range you want, and every so often you just need a quick set of wheels. Take a look at a few tips PrazoNow has compiled to help you save money on rental cars.

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How To Save On Auto Insurance

Sure, talking about insurance policies is about as alluring as getting a root canal. While your insurance policy may not preoccupy much of your forethought, it can be a silent drain on your bank account if you do not remain cognizant of what is affecting your premium. If you’re going to own and drive a vehicle, you have to have coverage, so why not enjoy a slimmer monthly payment? 

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Top 5 Overcharged Repair Jobs

Mechanics are basically always willing to work with you to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. It’s no secret they’re doing their job to make money, but don’t think everything they charge you for is a rip off. That doesn’t mean some services don’t cost more than they probably should. What are they? PrazoNow has worked up a list of the top 5 overcharged repair jobs in no particular order. Let’s get you educated.

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5 Ways to Lower Your Cost of Car Ownership

Let’s be honest, owning a car can get really pricey really quickly; you have to worry about gas, insurance, random car fees and even just general maintenance. Car owners spend thousands of dollars a year(on top of the cost of their vehicle) just to keep their ride on the road. Here at PrazoNow we’ve got your back though; here are five ways to save money while staying in a sexy ride!

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4 Fun Things to do in Malibu

Figuring out what’s worth exploring in Malibu can be quite the hassle, however PrazoNow can give you the perfect tips to make your trip entertaining and exciting! We’ll ensure that your trip is filled with amazing excursions and delicious food, making your trip to Malibu one to remember.

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